UK Ban on Ivory Sales- How it will work

The UK will impose a ban on ivory sales to help bring an end to the poaching of elephants, under plans announced in September 2017 by Environment Secretary Michael Gove. The proposals will protect elephants and help combat poaching by removing opportunities for criminals to trade illegally poached ivory. The plans will be subject to a 12 week consultation and cover items of all ages, not only those created after a certain date.

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It’s not only Elephants - Other species hunted for their body parts

You might not associate an ivory statue with the death of an elephant, but a single ivory trinket caused the death of a majestic elephant. Species are disappearing so quickly that scientists now debate whether the earth is going through its sixth mass extinction. Plants and animals go extinct for a variety of reasons, including climate change, habitat destruction, hunting and the introduction of non-native species. The use of animal parts in traditional medicine can also contribute to a species’ decline, despite there being no real evidence of the efficacy of these treatments. The rarity of a creature does not protect it from being killed in the name of “medicine”; it just raises the market price.

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The Bloody History of the Ivory Trade

An elephant is killed every 15 minutes in Africa - more than 140,000 elephants have been poached between 2007 and 2014 - their bloodstained bodies discarded in the bush. Now it's time for the UK to take a stand for elephants and demonstrate global leadership by closing the UK’s domestic ivory markets. 

Save Me Trust is calling for the British government to close the antique and modern ivory markets and stop the transit of any ivory products through the UK before the International Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference in London in February 2018.

The UK should not have any part in the global illegal ivory trade. Introducing a ban sends a powerful message that the UK is committed to the protection of the world’s threatened elephants and reinforces the UK’s role as a global leader in tackling illegal wildlife trade.

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