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Happy Birthday 

Well, it's that time of the year again! As July approaches, the wheels start turning regarding the best birthday gift for Brian May. 

Let's face it - we can't get him a spaceship, it's a little off our budget (and between you and me, he's probably working on one as we speak) and he probably has all the Queen memorabilia he wants.

What if I told you, that you can give something to Brian that will help hi in his role as activist, make him happy on his birthday and help animals - all in one action?

The idea is simple: donating to the Save Me Trust. You can find out more about what Save Me Trust do at -

Celebrating & Helping Animals
This is a call for all the Brian May and Queen fans, who wish to celebrate Brian's birthday and at the same time, help Brian in his work to help animals: let's join in on a donation, which will show our support to Brian's work on the Save Me Trust. Sound good?

How much should I donate?
Donate as much as you can, every donation helps to make a difference. The donation amounts are anonymous.
Where do all the donations go?
The "donate now" button is sending directly to the Save Me Trust PayPal account.
Please note: all funds go directly to The Save Me Trust. None go to me.

I'm sorry, who are you?
My name is Yael, I am a 43 year old Brian and Queen fan from Tel Aviv, Israel. I have been a fan for more than 30 years. I'm a mother of 2 kids who already love Queen too, my 6.5 year old daughter already thinks Brian has the best smile; my 11 year old boy plays Queen songs on his keyboards. Even my husband admits to enjoying a Queen tune or two.  

And why are you doing this again?
Brian's music has inspired me since childhood. It has been several years now, that I am equally inspired by his activism. I try to take that inspiration and make it a part of my day to day life. 

Celebrating Brian's birthday in his spirit + raising funds for something that as important as giving animals their basic rights, seems like the best way to show our support and love for Brian. Supporting the Save Me Trust is a support in Brian's dream to be kind to all living creatures, if you share this dream, please join us!
OK, I'm in. I donated. Now what? 
If this idea seems like a good way to go, please help spread the word around the world via social media - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and the other medias you use. Of course e-mailing friends is also good.

Have a wonderful Brian birthday!

If you leave a message when you donate, we will post your birthday wishes on this page.