Brian May and Greta Thunberg

Brian May had a skype meeting with the legend that is Greta Thunberg just hours before he  flew to Korea for the start of the Far East leg of the Bohemian Rhapsody Tour. Greta spoke to us from Switzerland.

The skype meeting included Greta’s father Svante, who runs the Greta Thunberg Fund and Anne Brummer CEO of Brians Save Me Trust.

Greta is well known for galvanising the planets youth into action and getting climate change on the international agenda by irritating governments to wake up to their responsibilities. Climate change is a global issue and her energy  and unique way of campaigning has played a vital part in the global movement. 

The Save Me Trust is primarily concerned with giving  wildlife a voice and maintaining sustainable habitats.

The Save Me Trust and the Greta Thunberg Fund plan to meet face to face in the next few months to see how they can drive issues that are foremost to both organisation.

The Skype meeting was informative and relaxed, Greta played Bohemian Rhapsody on her guitar. Who knew she could play guitar!

It was a  great first connection and something both organisations are looking to build on in the coming months for the benefit of wildlife and humans. 


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