17 July, 2015

Failed attempt to bring back fox hunting

In July 2015, the Government announced that it intended to amend the legislation to remove the limit on the number of dogs, and instead replace it with a requirement that the number of dogs used is appropriate to the terrain and any other relevant circumstance. The Government’s stated aim is to bring the legislation in line with that in Scotland.

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13 July, 2015

Come support us by Bri

COME support our foxes tomorrow, but please leave the Anti-Tory banners at home. We have many good Conservative MP's supporting us. MPs today got biggest E-mail storm EVER against the Wednesday SI to disable Hunting Act. KEEP E-Mailing your MP. No return to barbarity. Wednesday SI aims to make prosecution of cruelty in hunting impossible. Bri

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11 July, 2015

EDM on shortage of foxes  showing  hunts breed foxes

That this House agrees with Simon Hart, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, that his organisation would be ridiculed in parliament on the publication of a letter sent by the Masters of Fox Hounds Association to 800 hunt masters warning of the nationwide 'shortage of foxes' and urging landowners to breed more foxes to 'solve the

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