Questions we advise you ask before you join a hunt to make sure you are not hunting illegally


Do they use fox scent for the hounds to follow? Fox scent will usually be animal based and usually be fox urine. If they are using fox scent for the hounds to follow there is a risk they will catch a fox. Drag Hunts and Clean Boot do not use fox urine.

  • If the answer is Yes we use fox scent then we advise don't join 


Do they have a pre determined route that they can show you on the day? Drag Hunts and Clean Boot can tell you the entire route before they go out.

  • If the answer is no we can't give you the route then we advise don't join 


Does your hunt belong to the master Fox hounds Association.? These are hunts that are often recorded as hunting foxes.  Master Drag Hounds Association and Master Bloodhounds Association are hunts that don't hunt foxes

  • If the answer is yes we belong to the Master Fox Hounds then we advise don't join 


Is it a Trail Hunt? Trail Hunts are ex Fox Hunts. They didn't exist before the ban and the Drag Hunt Association would not let them join as they were concerned they would bring their sport into disrepute. Many still catch foxes accidentally!

  • If the answer is yes we are trail hunt  then we advise don't join   


Has the Hunt ever caught a fox by accident?  A hunt should never catch a fox apart from the fact it's illegal, they should have control over their dogs.   

  • If the answer is yes we have caught a fox since 18th February 2005 then we advise don't join. 

You can contact us if you are concerned about a hunt or illegal activities in relation to wildlife. Our contact details are at the bottom of every page.

Below is a picture of the Three Counties Bloodhounds who are Hunting the Clean Boot 


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